FRS Bulgaria provides a wide range of services in the field of business consultations including accounting and tax services, all kinds of accounting, financial and tax consultations, auditing and legal services, payroll, human resources administration and etc. We are specialized in the comprehensive service to micro, small and medium size enterprises from all sectors of business.

We are flexible. We do believe that our services will be of utmost quality if we are responsible for the comprehensive service to our client for a fixed monthly fee. At the same time we are ready to provide one-time consultations or services on a regular basis paid on hour rates or in any other way which may be acceptable to our clients.

We work based on fixed clear terms without any concealed and additional fees. Please refer to our General Terms of Business.

What do we offer?

Service pack appropriate for start-ups or micro enterprises with low turnover and staff count. Fixed monthly fee depending on the type and specifics of the business.
Flexible service pack for small and medium-sized enterprises shaped according to client’s needs. The monthly fee can either be a lump sum or be calculated based on the service provided – again according to our client’s preferences.
Partial services appropriate for clients that have organized their accounting on site but are not willing to invest in payroll and HR specialist. Monthly fee depending on the staff count.
One-time services for both clients and other accountants. Fee shall be agreed on a case-by-case basis.
Every business has started from a scratch and every entrepreneur has needed some support. We are ready to give you a hand and to get you through the initial steps in your business.
We know that our clients need legal advising. Therefore we work with leading law offices and provide the necessary legal information.
We are not a specialized certified public accountant. We do know leading CPAs and we can contact.
One-time services related to filling tax returns, retirement and etc.
We believe that we can link our clients. Being your accountant we can recommend you to other clients of ours you could be partners with. We believe that our position of your trusted accountant will be of additional benefit for the creation of trust between your two companies.
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